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Firefighting Equipment

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BCF charging unit

Made by General Fire Appliance Co. Ltd Croydon

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Vintage / Rare Fire Brigade Equipment Relay Pumping Indicator 

Scale appears to be in Hose Lengths
Small box about 17cm square with hinged lid. 
There is a small (1cm) port at the bottom.
The dial is 12cm across 
Has carry strap. 
Made by Smith Industries.
Appears to respond to changes in barometric pressure.
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Second hand Francis search light

Ideal for marine use

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LV6/MT3 6220 99 942 5975

Lucas Marine search light

NSN LV6/MT3 6220-99-942-5975

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LV6/MT3 6230 99 821 1281

Francis 7" search light

NSN LV6/MT3 6230-99-821-1281

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Francis search light

Roof mounted & controlled from inside

Ideal for marine use

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