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12 pole fuse box for classic cars.

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AC Delco Distributor Arm

Part Number - 5339-1

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S11E2 CV4060 STC 





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BOSCH Armature, starter.


- 2-004-005-920


This item is brand new but untested.

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Britax indicator   (P.M.G) LTD


Part numbers : 69900 / 6257 / PT15047

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C.A.V 12V windscreen wiper motor


- E.1881020, 17344, 5567A-199, 5567A16


Ideal for vehicles with a flat windscreen.

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C.A.V. Relay


For Bedford?


Part Number's - 1871430 - 2920-99-802-7985

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Here We Have A Carmichael 240Volt Coolant Pre Heater.

These Would Be Used To Preheat The Engine Before Starting In Cold Temperatures.

We Have Tested This Item And It Is Working But Would Recommend Getting This Item Tested By A Fully Qualified Electrician.

The Outer Diameter Is 38mm   

*Please Note This Is A Used Item*

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DIRECTIONAL LIGHT,V : 6220-99-833-6767 : AAU2147

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Electronic valve - CV4015


Nice new old stock Mullard early 1980's vintage British made military issue EF92 CV4015 M8161 tubes.


These are from the original factory crates and shipped in white boxes.


These have halo getters, with military codes and Mullard "R" code (Mitcham, Surrey, England) etched in the glass.

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Electronic valve glass group - 4055

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Electronic vavle CV4025


Lettering on valve: 000-4025, CV4025, KQDD/K, 82-13.


Maker: Mullard.

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Ex Military Light


Painted Yellow

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Ex military Starter


- FV546165  


This item is brand new but untested

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FoMoCo Regulator Assembly - B5C-10505-A

15 Volts 60 Amps


Ex Military

New Old Stock

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Hella Original Bar-End Turn Signal Fits All 22mm Handlebars.


Hella Brandname In Plastic Lens, Aluminum.


Part Number - 6220-99-806-1919


Price Is For 1 Genuine Hella Turn Light.

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Genuine Land Rover Distributor Cap Morris MINOR Saloon


Part Number - RTC3882


This product fits with the following models:

* Morris MINOR Saloon 0.9 55-71 {38,948}

* Morris MINOR Saloon 1.1 55-71 {50,1098}

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Lucas C39, C45 Dynamo Brush Set of 2 Brushes, MGA Sprite Lucas


Part Number's -  227305, 17H2472


As fitted to MG TD, MG TF, Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite and MGA etc.


Brush size; Brush commutator face is 6.3mm by 19.0mm,

brush depth 15.8mm with a lead length of 47mm.

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Ex Military Genuine LUCAS Stop Tail Light Set With Electronic Flasher.

NSN - 2990-99-817-5416 (Set)


12Volt Electronic Flasher EF3

NSN - 5945-99-808-2470 (1 In The Set)


Stop Tail Lamp (3 Lamps In A Set)

LUCAS Part Number - LU54275



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Genuine Lucas Wiring Harness For Morris


- D.1037/14 - 625337



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Genuine Top Lamp Bulbs 2094


12v / 5w

These are for sale as individuals, NOT as a box of 10.

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Headlight Bowl 

NATO Number - 6220-99-666-8950


Missing Fixing Kit

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HELLA relay


12v    005 400 00

DIN 14610 ~~~~ Bo8

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Hoover A.C motor 240V


- B.S170 - 44981 - 4940992089015

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Ignition and start switch box


Part Number - IE9676/384 - 5930998056253

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